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An oasis located just opposite the bus station and in the city centre. A few steps away from everything you may need or want to see in town. This is the place to rest, relax, have fun and meet people from all over the world.
Marcopolo Inn is the best place to combine seeing one of the seven World Wonders, with activities and relaxing

Marcopolo Inn offers free Wi Fi access all day long. 

The guest kitchen is right next to the swimming pool and is located in the most natural and relaxing area of the hostel. 
Our bar is open from the afternoon till late at night, a place where you can hang out and spend a good time with other travelers. Meet people over a beer or different drinks.

Av. Córdoba 158 ZIP Code 3370
Puerto Iguazú Misiones - Argentina
P: +54 3757 425575
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Rooms / Habitaciones / Quartos

For those who look for privacy, we have double, triple and quad rooms. All of them with private bathroom, air conditioning, Cable TV, provided with maid services, linen and amenities and with a view to the park.
Let us know in advance if you are on your honeymoon!
Our shared rooms are for four and six people, female and mixed. Most of them have private bathroom and in all of them there is air conditioning. Bed sheets are included. And to make your trip lighter we offer towels for rent. In the dorms you will also find reading lights and lockers.

Activities / Actividades / Atividades

When you get to Marcopolo Inn you can check out the list of tours and activities that you can do in Puerto Iguazu. You will find all the information you need at the front desk.

Activities in the Falls: Dare to go under the Falls on a boat? Or fancy going across the jungle on a truck with a tour guide who will tell you all you need to know about the place? Or just relaxing on a raft or walking along the different trails and circuits?

The Falls under the full moon: For five nights a month you will have the chance to see one of the most amazing natural shows in the world, the Falls under the full moon. Be one of the fewest privileged people who can see this wonder. 

Also you can ask for: 

Great Adventure, Nautical adventure, Full Moon,  Rappel, Canopy, Rafting, Iguazu Bike Tour, Kayak, Barsilian National Park 

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Marcopolo Inn Iguazu


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