Hostel Inn Buenos Aires


Do you want to feel at home? Hostel Inn Buenos Aires is the right place! Located in the traditional neighborhood of San Telmo, in Hostel Inn you will find the prefect combination of relax and fun.

This is the place to relax and meet people from all over the world!

Our staff will welcome you and guide you through your stay so that you get to know Buenos Aires in the Argentinean way. Here’s where you will find all the information you need to visit the city during the day and at night. We go with you to the best discos and bars in Buenos Aires. 

Humberto Primo 820
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
P: +54 (011) 4300-7992/7993
This is only a short description of the hostel. You will find more extensive information visiting this hostels website.

Rooms / Habitaciones / Quartos

In Hostel Inn we have private and shared rooms.
For those who are into privacy we have double, triple and quad rooms, with air conditioning, maid service, linen and towels.
Our shared rooms are for six and eight people. There are female and mixed ones. They all have air conditioning. Linen is included and we also rent towels so that you don’t have to carry lots of luggage. There are lockers in the dorms as well. 

Activities / Actividades / Atividades

When you get to Hostel Inn Buenos Aires you can check out the list of tours and activities that you can do in Buenos Aires. You will find all the information you need at the front desk.

City tour: If you want to visit every spot of the most significant places in the city this is the right activity.

Cultour: Find out about our social and cultural history! Do you want to know what Argentineans are like? This is how you can do it!

Football: Live the passion of Argentinean football from the inside. We will take you to the different matches every weekend!

Tango Show: A must in your visit to Buenos Aires. See its passion, energy and sensuality. 

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